Personal Training

For those desiring a personalized experience

For those desiring a personalized training program and one-on-one training, we will design a custom workout plan tailored to your individual strength and conditioning goals. A new client consultation is offered to all prospective private training clients. The initial consult includes a Functional Movement Screen and Body Composition scanning and measurements.


The benefits of personal training have long been recognised. Having a professional help you design an appropriate exercise program, taking into account your goals, your past history of injuries, and being able to adjust your program for any new developments, such as a sore lower back or tight neck on the day, helps you get the most out of your training session.

HPC Personal training area

What you will work on

Hard work

R350 / Hour

Personal Training

  • Flexible Schedule
  • No Registration fees
  • limited space available
  • Personal coach
  • Diet & Training Plans
  • Body screening assessments