Our Achievers

Nicallen Gabrielsen

13 Years old Laerskool Generaal Hendrik Schoeman "Jy kan verseker, Nicallen se as dit nie vir World of Rugby was het hy nooit Luiperds gespeel. Alles tedanke aan Saterdag oggend stoei klasse." A little testimonial from one of our clients here at HPC Her son Nicallen attends our rugby wrestling classes on Saturday mornings


Franco Steyn

Sportpro’s World of Rugby, High Performance Conditioning is proud of yet another one of its elite athletes, Franco Steyn, who represented the Lions Rooibokke u/16 and u/18 and now the Lions u/20 invitational team where, at the age of 18, he is punching above his weight and age “I feel more confident on the field because of the work I do off the field at the HPC. My impact in the loose and ruck situations has improved tremendously. So too my speed and fitness. I owe this to the contact work, the agility, speed and strength training.”



u/17 lions player, proud product of WorldofRugby, High performance conditioning.