Meet our team

We believe in only the best

Brandon Lizamore

Conditioning coach

  • Personal Trainer
  • Conditioning coach
  • Boxercise Coach

Kirsten Mayne

Conditioning coach

  • BSc  Sport Science
  • Sports scientist
  • Ladies conditioning coach

Rami mungul

Kyokushin Karate and Kickboxing

  • Boxercise coach
  • Kickboxing champion
  • Martial arts expert

Jarred Branco

Strength & Conditioning coach

  • Strength & Conditioning coach
  • Sport scientist
  • BSc  Sport Science

Philip Lemmer

Wrestling & Forwards specialist

  • Lions Currie Cup & Super Rugby Forwards Coach

Ognjen Bozic

Martial arts & conditioning coach

Biomechanics Specialist – Movement and precision coach
Extencive experience in the Dance and Martial Arts field.

Prehab Specialist: Injury prevention and post injury recovery e.g rotater cuff, hip flexor pathology etc.

Taekwondo Master 5th DAN with over 30 years of international competition and instruction experience.

Running Specialist

Functional Core strength specialist

Boxercise coach

Nikola Domazet

boxing, functional fitness and Olympic weightlifter

  • Boxercise coach

Jacques Durand

Head of Strength & Conditioning

  • Wits university: Head of Strength & conditioning
  • BSc (Hon) Sport Science

Robert Barnard

Sport Scientist

• Biokinetics
• Research Methodology
• Exercise Science
• Physiology
• Perceptual motor skills