Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying, Kids classes with the aim to boost self-esteem

What’s it all about?

HPC offers anti bullying classes that are designed for the purpose of managing bullying habits thereby reducing its prevalence. The training is ideal for kids with physical challenges, those from a minority race, and transgender youths.

One of the main ways in which bullying can be prevented is through promoting confidence. Physical exercise give trainess a sense of confidence that is essential in self-defense in case they encounter aggressive bullies. Additionally, the main practice instills anger management, manages weight, builds focus, and nurtures discipline.

hpc gym & boxercise are

What you will work on

Cardiovasculary you burn more calories in an hour compared to using a stair climber.

Anger management
Self discipline
Wieght management

Class Hours


– 5


– 5

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R500 /

7-13 year olds

  • 8 Sessions PM
  • No Registration fees
  • limited space available

R500 /

14-17 year olds

  • 8 Sessions PM
  • No Registration fees
  • Limited Space Available